Stuart Turnbull Website Services Feedback

My name is Stuart Turnbull and I have been working full time online since 2008.

I am a successful marketer but when it comes to the techie side of my business I’m often out of my depth.

When I need a membership site putting together or a web page coding I need expert help and my “go to” guy is Steve King.

When I engage Steve my time is freed up to focus on the parts of my business that I am good at and enjoy such as content creation safe in the knowledge that my websites are in good hands!

Steve has provided the expert support I need to make multiple five figure product launches.

It is a great comfort to know that Steve is always available by email or Skype and nothing is too much trouble for him.

I have found that employing people to provide technical support can be a hit and miss affair – they often have a good grasp of the techie stuff but they haven’t got a clue when it comes to marketing – I don’t have this problem with Steve – he knows the technical side of online marketing inside out and as an established marketer in his own right he also understands the marketing side.

If you are a new or established online marketer trying to do everything yourself – give yourself a break and call Steve – I can’t recommend him highly enough!

Stuart Turnbull

Online Business Owner

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