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I am the owner and Director of an educational training provided called SMARTT North East Ltd

I have been learning the ropes for online marketing since around 2014 and recently released my first product “SMARTT Social Media”

I came across Steve a few year ago from an internet marketers group that we are both in and I have since followed some of Steve’s amazing digital products.

A few days prior to my launch, due to a plugin, I hit an issue that I was unable to fix and at this point I was in melt down and really about to say “sod it I have failed in this”

By this time and unknown to me, Steve and one of his business partners were looking through my sales pages and noticed there was something not right.  Steve’s business partner contacted me to notify me of this issue – with this news even more panic set in, however, he told me not to worry as Steve is an expert and would be able to fix it at such short notice and that he would call me the following day, which was a Sunday

Following the next day, as promised, Steve contacted me and cutting the long story short and after a 5 hour consultation (on a SUNDAY) over skype, Steve went above and beyond what was needed to help me address this technical support

I watched Steve throughout as he did the live changes in front of me and I could not believe how professional, knowledgeable, and most of all how patient he was throughout

That was not the end, Steve observed the launch of the product for the four days, making regular calls with technical support, information, advice and guidance – simply amazing

As the owner and Director of a well-established training provider, holding central government contacts for training individuals, we rely a lot on external partners for all types of support and I have to be honest as say, Steve’s service is at the top of our list by far

Having witnessed Steve’s technical support at first-hand I would not hesitate in recommending Steve’s service, before any other service out there, to any other marketer or businesses, large or small, for a professional, pleasant and clear service

Once more, thanks again Steve…..

You have no idea how much your expertise saved my BUTT and I will be eternally grateful

Barry Joyce


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